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3. Situating when the book was written

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The message of Revelations was originally addressed to the Christians of the 1st century, in John's time. Of course the message is timeless, and as important throughout the centuries, as well as today. But it was written with the imagery and symbols the Christians from the 1st century were familiar with. We need to keep this in mind, because this notion is one of the keys to interpret the book.

John was one of the original disciples of Jesus. He received the vision of this message when he was in exile, in the island of Patmos.

But let's backtrack a bit more, all the way to the book of Daniel, and revisit the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar, so we can understand the fullness of the prophetic time span laid out in the Bible. Read Daniel chapter 2 (Daniel 2).

The Israelites had been brought captives to Babylon by King Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel and his friends were sent to "Babylon University", and were working as advisors of the King at the time of the dream. The King had a prophetic dream and only Daniel was able to interpret it through God's power. It was a dream about how the history of the world would unfold. It was about kingdoms. Our advantage is that we can look into our history books and see which kingdoms came after Nebuchadnezzar.

John was alive in the 1st century, which places him less than 200 years into the Roman Empire. From the head to the legs of the statue we have kingdoms of world-wide domination. Then we get to the feet, and no longer we have a kingdom powerful enough to dominate the whole world. We now have several divided nations. That's where we are today.


HEAD OF GOLD - Babylon (B.C. 605 - 539)

CHEST OF SILVER - Medo-Persia (B.C. 539 - 331)

MIDDLE AND THIGHS OF BRASS (or BRONZE) - Greece (B.C. 331-168)

LEGS OF IRON - Rome (B.C. 168 - A.D. 476)

FEET AND TOES OF CLAY AND IRON - Divided nations (A.D. 476 - End of Time)


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